Support the Fair Trade movement with CoGo

Together, we can show businesses that consumers care about the rights of producers in developing countries.


We find and accredit good businesses and then we help you find them, allowing you to shop with a clear conscience.

We’ve partnered with the Fair Trade foundation to accredit businesses on our app, so if a business is listed as Fair Trade on CoGo, they meet Fair Trade Foundation’s criteria.

When you’re looking for an ethical spot to shop or eat, you can hop onto the CoGo app and easily find businesses nearby that are already respecting the rights of workers rights in developing countries.


How CoGo works

CoGo is dedicated to making ethical living easy, we do this by connecting businesses with consumers that match their environmental and social values. Available for all smartphones, users simply download the service, and select the ethical and sustainable issues that matter to them most - from minimising packaging waste to paying staff a living wage.

The CoGo technology will then make recommendations of businesses based on what matters to you most and we will share your values with other CoGo business members, to help them make informed decisions about which ethical and sustainable practices to prioritise in the future.

As soon as you sign-up, you can start finding and supporting businesses that are already doing good and telling others how you want them to improve!



You can trust that all of the accredited businesses on CoGo are doing good, as our badges are only awarded to businesses that meet our respected accreditation criteria.

We’re working with Fair Trade foundation in this area.