Greening up your life... including insurance!

Let’s Be Honest: insurance is confusing and not our favourite topic… 

Life is complicated and can be unpredictable. Taking out insurance should give you peace of mind. But before you even begin finding what quote works best for you, it can feel completely overwhelming with the endless ads telling you how and what to insure. 

Insurance really shouldn’t be so mind-boggling, especially when it’s yet another additional cost to add to your monthly outgoings. This is something insurance specialist, Dave Gardiner gets and why he set up CoGo listed, Evergreen Insurance. Dave passionately believes that insurance shouldn’t be so complicated and that, in addition, it can give back to our planet. 

When you think of how to be more sustainable in your day to day habits, insurance isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Here at CoGo, our ethos is built on empowering consumers to spend their money on what matters most to them - from their morning coffee to lights out, we want to help you be as sustainable as possible in every purchase you make. 

Evergreen insurance allows us to take this to the next level thanks to shaking up the insurance sector by donating up to 25% of every policy to nature, wildlife, animals, conservation and environmental charities. So, as well as protecting you with their policies, they're helping protect our planet which we think is a win, win situation. 

We spoke to Dave Gardiner on an industry that has been marking it own homework for far too long: 

“The financial services industry has a reputation for being greedy and I wanted to do something different.  Evergreen is a business so we have to make money however I didn’t want to be greedy about it.  

Our natural world and the beautiful creatures we share the planet with need our help for survival, we have destroyed many of their habitats and some species are on the brink of extinction. 

If I can make donations back to support projects to protect them, through the arrangement of products people need anyway then it has to be a win win.”

To find out more about Evergreen Insurance’s sustainability journey head over to the CoGo app.