6 tips to help you live sustainably


From CoGo's sustainable business leaders

The founders of CoGo’s ethical and sustainable businesses are some of the most forward thinking individuals in the UK. Committed to finding people and planet friendly ways of doing business, they are a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to sustainable living! Check out some of their top tips below.

  1. Avoid fast fashion by researching what suits you

"The most sustainable clothes are those you'll wear thousands of times, so get to know what really suits you. Go deep on research for a couple of days with colours, fabrics and shape, then you'll be armed against any passing fads!"

Tara Button, Buy Me Once

2. Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the task

“Sustainability is queen, but don’t get overwhelmed by trying to change everything at once! Whether it is fashion (such as fabulous vegan shoes!), diet or everyday living, little steps to reduce our impact on the world is what is important. We can all do this together.”

Alicia Lai, Bourgeois Boheme

3. Refuse whenever you can

"Have a look in your bin, keep doing it over a period of time. Work out what you can refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. Refuse is the #1 priority"

Kresse Wessling, Elvis & Kresse

4. Be conscious of your consumption

"Living sustainably isn’t about living without things, but is about living consciously with what we already have. We can’t stop consuming altogether, but we can be present and conscious in our choices. Stop, think about what you’re buying, if you need it, and if there’s a better, more ethical alternative."

Laura Callan, BRIGHT Zine / The Bright Store

5. If it’s not being used, turn it off

"For Earth Hour we encouraged our community to think about the energy they're consuming on a daily basis. Only switch on appliances if you are using them and switch to a renewable energy provider if possible. These are some of the steps we've taken in the RÆBURN Lab; even small steps will help and it’s important we all work together."

Christopher Raeburn, Raeburn

6. Choose plastic free and use reusables

“By individually making small changes we can effect great change. Plastic is polluting our countryside and damaging our marine life. Switch from hand wash in a plastic dispenser to a bar of soap. Take reusable mesh bags to the supermarket to buy loose fruit and vegetables. Wrap sandwiches and food in reusable beeswax sheets. These simple everyday sustainable tips will save waste and make us part of the solution.”

Lynn Ball, Yours Sustainably

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