Busy behind the scenes at CoGo


Meet the rest of the team…

The team is growing and we’re maintaining ties to our motherland with a Kiwi heavy team!

Our Lead Software Developer Michael has just arrived in London having previously worked for us in our Wellington office and we’re pleased to have Lucy and Alan, both fellow Kiwis and previously users of the app in New Zealand, on the team too. It’s not all Kiwis though and our new Data Architect Brian’s a Brit and he’s helping keep the overall balance of Kiwis to Brits close to a healthy 50/50.

Find out more about the team behind the scenes and what they like about working for CoGo below…


Michael, Lead Software Developer

Hey, I'm Michael and I’m the lead software developer at CoGo. I'm responsible for planning and implementing the technical tasks behind the mobile app to make sure our users have the best experience possible!

I think CoGo will change the world by giving people a voice and showing businesses that people care about ethics and are willing to change their spending habits to make change happen.


Brian, Data Architect

Hi, I'm Brian and I’m CoGo’s data architect. I design (and sometimes build) the systems and processes to ensure everybody gets the data they need to do their jobs. For CoGo, that means both the CoGo team themselves, as well as the businesses we promote on the app.

Working for CoGo is like finding my long-lost family! I've been wanting to get involved since I tried (and failed!) to launch my own ethical consumerism tech startup in 2015. CoGo is the feedback loop needed to nudge companies to try harder and do better; it's pushing the external costs of doing business right back onto the bottom line where they belong.


Alan, Accreditation and Operations

I’m Alan and I’m CoGo’s Accreditation and Operations Manager. I create the profiles for our businesses, and make sure they only get badges for the actions that they are actually taking, so you guys can shop in confidence knowing that all of the businesses on CoGo are doing what they say they do!

CoGo is going to change the world by making it easy to do what we all know we need to do; support businesses that are more sustainable and responsible.


Lucy, Sales and Marketing

Hey, I’m Lucy! I find awesome businesses taking action on ethics and sustainability - from small independents to large corporates - and help them to join CoGo. I also provide support to the marketing team and occasionally bring in experimental baked goodies to the office! If you have businesses you'd like recommend please drop me an email at lucy@cogo.co.

I love that CoGo is not only helping consumers find businesses that are already doing good, but is also encouraging businesses with room for improvement to keep championing sustainability and ethics in new ways and at scale.


We want to get more businesses doing good. Sign-up to CoGo today and join the ethical living community!