Doing it for the kids: buy better, buy less, and pass it on…

Photographer: Charney Magri

Photographer: Charney Magri

Sustainable fashion shouldn’t be confined to those of us who are guilty of one too many ASOS orders, it needs to be accessible to all - whether you’re a fashionista or functional shopper.

Part of this puzzle is children's clothing, did you know that in their first two years, children generally get through a staggering 6 sizes of clothing, not to mention the washing machine being constantly on. But how can childrenswear be more sustainable and still remain accessible? Let’s face it, the reality is that paying a premium for a small collection of a higher quality item isn’t that appealing when 6 months later children grow out of these pieces. 

This week we spoke to Miriam Pierre, founder of CoGo listed, Nurture Collective who set up her business to tackle just that: 

‘Having my own child made me realise not only how disposable children's clothing is but how hard it is to find organic fabrics. We care greatly about the organic baby creams we use for our little ones but why not their clothes considering it’s their second skin? 

It then struck me that as a parent wouldn’t it be great if you could bring all these ethical clothing brands into one place, it would be so much easier for parents to be able to shop more consciously for your kids… 

At Nurture Collective, we want to create a market place to not only provide parents with sustainable fashion brands but to educate them on the industry and show them how to shop more sustainably to start with by investing in quality items that can be passed down for generations. We’re also conscious to stock brands that are a gender-neutral, and timeless style all adding the longevity of the clothing.’ 

Here’s Miriam’s top tips for how to be more sustainable when purchasing childrenswear: 

  • Look at the fabrics and quality of the product to ensure your child gets their #30wears

  • Educate yourself on the importance of the process of ethical and organic clothing  

  • Look at investing in pieces on Nurture Collective that last longer and grow with your child, such as our, Meadow Floral Romper Be sure to join your local parenting group on Facebook, these pages are great for swapping with other parents to ensure your items can have another lease of life

  • Last but not least, be sure to check out our great range of clothing for children aged 0-12 on our website here

Check our Nurture Collective’s ethics and sustainability journey over on the CoGo app