Welcome to CoGo: imperfect triers welcome!


“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

- Anne-Marie Bonneau, aka the Zero-Waste Chef


Amen to that. This is the kind of thinking we fully endorse at CoGo! We’ve read similar quotes about veganism too - there’s even a website called Vaguely Vegan that uses the tagline “Eat better. Not perfect.” But don’t panic. We are not about to bash vegans or anyone embarking on the journey to go truly zero-waste - and we’re not actually sure if being truly zero-waste can actually be done right now? - we think you guys are awesome.

What we do want to do though, is celebrate every person and every business that is making the effort to understand how they are impacting the planet with the intention of doing something about it.

CoGo is not about bashing the imperfect or a shining light on the worst offenders, but we’re also not about letting people make claims they cannot back up.

We’re about transparency, truth and intent to do better.

When you browse the app you will see that not every business has the same number of badges awarded to them. You will also see that some of them have green rings around their badges, indicating a match with something you told us was important to you.

We built the app this way because we believe that information is power. If you can see two businesses side by side, one with a single badge and another with two, you can make the decision to ‘vote with your wallet’ based on transparent and honest information.

We are extremely proud to be working with some of the best sustainable business in the UK. However, we want to make sure that those who have started on a sustainability journey with the intent to learn more and do more are welcome too.

And the same goes for our consumers! You don’t have to be committed to going zero-waste or vegan to join CoGo. You just need to be looking to switch some of your purchases over to more sustainable and ethical businesses and in time, hopefully, we can help you increase the % of your spending that goes to businesses that match your values.

Why are we so welcoming? Because a positive feedback loop can work wonders. When a change occurs in a system, positive feedback causes further change in the same direction. So that’s our aim; to give a pat on the back to consumers that choose better and to those businesses intent on minimising their negative impact, all in the hope of getting further change going.

Are you in?

Know a business that should be on CoGo?

If you know a great ethical or sustainable business you’d like to see on the CoGo app, you can recommend them to us here.