Piqued by packaging? You’re not alone.


Over 70% of CoGoers want to see businesses reducing their packaging waste, it’s the hottest topic on the app!

There’s a noticeable shift towards a minimising mindset demonstrated by the values of the consumers on CoGo. It’s an excellent example of how education, exposure and an increased understanding of an issue can lead to large scale attitude change.

Now, it’s time for business to tackle the issue and make it easier for consumers to match our actions to our attitudes!

Minimise don’t manage

Traditional waste management focuses on processing waste after it is created, concentrating on re-use, recycling, and waste-to-energy conversion. However, the most environmentally resourceful, economically efficient, and cost-effective way to manage waste often is to not have to address the problem in the first place.

Waste minimisation involves efforts to avoid creating the waste during manufacturing. By reducing or eliminating the generation of harmful and persistent wastes, waste minimisation promotes a more sustainable society through having positive environmental and economic benefits.


How CoGo can help

For consumers

We want consumers to be able to make sustainable choices whenever they shop. We do this by helping you find businesses like Thornton Budgens that are making huge efforts to reduce their packaging waste.

For businesses

Our tech tells businesses what issues their customers care about most, giving them insights to inform new practice changes.

We also give a platform for ethical and sustainable businesses that are already doing amazing things, so they can tell their stories and encourage others to follow their example. Find out more about how CoGo works.

CoGoers are sick and tired of businesses overusing packaging

CoGoers are sick and tired of businesses overusing packaging


Tips for your everyday, the 5 RS (+1)


Say 'no' to things you don't need and items you'll only use once.


Reduce your overall consumption by questioning your purchases and resisting impulse buying.

"The most sustainable clothes are those you'll wear thousands of times - so get to know what really suits you. Go deep on research for a couple of days with colours, fabrics and shape, then you'll be armed against any passing fads!" - Tara Button, Founder and CEO - BuyMeOnce


Ditch disposable and buy items that last! CoGo business BuyMeOnce is busy finding the longest lasting products on the planet so you can reuse the things you buy again and again and again and again... check them out!


Creative reuse and up-cycling can give waste a new life. CoGo business Elvis & Kresse make luxury accessories out of discarded old fire-hose. Their items are chic, durable and every piece is diverting waste from landfill. What's not to love?


When you've tried everything else, it's time to recycle.

Recycle everything you can and follow the rules. Contamination of recycling, when the incorrect items are disposed of in the recycling bin, can potentially result in the whole lorry full being sent to landfill!

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When you sign up to CoGo and tell us that you care about waste minimisation, you add your voice to our influential data set, helping us to encourage businesses to change their practices.

In return, we’ll help you to find businesses that are already taking action to reduce their waste.

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