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We’re busy tracking down the most ethical and sustainable brands so it’s easier for you to shop in line with your values.

From coffee and lunch, to gifts and fashion, there are more than 70 brands now on the CoGo app.

Check out some examples of the type of awesome businesses we’re working with below and join us for free today to discover more businesses that care about people and the planet.

Find your nearest Change Please cart on CoGo.

Find your nearest Change Please cart on CoGo.

Need a caffeine fix?

If you’re in London, you can probably buy a coffee within a minute’s walk and for many of us, it’s become pretty habitual to grab and go without giving much thought to the source of our liquid energy.

But what if your coffee could change someone’s life?

CoGo business Change Please are a social enterprise that train homeless people to be baristas and provide them with a living wage, help with a bank account, housing and mental health support. It’s good coffee doing good!

Time for thai? Check out Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

Time for thai? Check out Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

Feeling peckish?

On the go with friends or popped out of the office for a bite to eat?

Hop onto CoGo and take a look at our food & drink businesses. You might learn something new about the sustainability credentials of an old favourite like Rosa’s Thai Cafe or Wahaca, or maybe you’ll discover a new independent cafe that’s doing great things and is just around the corner!

Cooking up a storm?

You can now find your local Co-op on CoGo!

Did you know that all of Co-op’s electricity comes from renewable sources, their carrier bags are compostable and by 2023, no Co-op products will have single-use plastic packaging. On top of that, they’re also the UK's largest convenience seller of Fair Trade products.

North Londoners might want to check out CoGo business Thornton’s Budgens too - they managed to create plastic-free zones in their Belsize Park shop in just 10 weeks!

There are now 286 Co-op stores on CoGo.

There are now 286 Co-op stores on CoGo.

Like it? Rent it.

Like it? Rent it.

Wardrobe not bringing you joy?

Most of us have been guilty of buying an outfit for a particular event only to never wear it again, which is why we love Wear the Walk's markedly different approach to fashion. Enter; wardrobe renting.

Wear the Walks online fashion platform offers affordable rental of up-and-coming designers' collections. They promote sustainable design and work only with ethically sourced brands, investing time in designers who care about how our clothes are made. Check them out now on the app!

Chop chop, it’s time to get sustainable!

Chop chop, it’s time to get sustainable!

Need a trim?

Since our mission to help you switch to more ethical and sustainable providers in all aspects of your life, and having a hair cut is something we all need from time to time, you can find salons on the CoGo app.

We’re working with brands like Ena Salon and Glasshouse, who pride themselves on their eco credentials and are making an effort to minimise their impact through use of biodegradable towels, organic products and up-cycled furniture.

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Think we’re missing someone?

If you know a great ethical or sustainable business you’d like to see on the CoGo app, you can recommend them to us here.