Team Update #5, Ben


From our new home, Google!

Recording from our new London office… here's a quick update from our co-founder, Ben, keeping you in the loop about moving in with Google, raising investment, and awesome new businesses doing good on CoGo! Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Hey, it’s Ben again!

We’ve just moved into our new offices at Google Campus for Start-ups here in London! Google selected us because they’re supporting businesses that are doing good for the world. We’re stoked to be here because they’re going to help with scaling users and integrating CoGo with Google’s API’s.

You’ll see on the latest version of the app that we now have Google reviews on the business profiles and soon we’ll be building a map so you can see all the cool businesses around you - really exciting news!

We’ve also been raising investment and we’re super stoked to have more money raised than we thought - it’s mostly from individuals investing at this stage but in time we might look to crowdfund, so keep an ear out for that!

We’re also really stoked to have Co-op on board and now over 75 brands on the app with lots of cool little independents including Ozone Coffee who are just round the corner (the team are enjoying that!)

We’ve also got some new staff on the team and now have 8 people working for us here in the UK.

Thanks so much for all your support you’ve given us!

We look forward to keeping in touch and sharing more updates soon.