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Beyond Retro offers the leading selection of handpicked vintage clothing to style conscious shoppers. The first Beyond Retro store was opened in a disused dairy on Cheshire Street in East London in 2002.


Here are some of the badges Beyond Retro want to be recognised for when the CoGo app launches! 


Circular Economy

Through their cycle of vintage, their upcycle
LABEL collection and a growing range of sustainably-sourced new products, Beyond Retro make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape while contributing to a much-needed circular economy. Last year, alongside their parent company Bank and Vogue, they rehomed 90 million items.

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From their plastic bags to their packaging, everything possible is recycled and recyclable. They also recycle and reuse their cardboard boxes, shipping them around the world and from store to store until they collapse.


Supporting Communities

Beyond Retro make it easier for people in Sweden to become organ donors by replacing price tags with Organ Donor Cards. The Organ Donor Price Tag is an initiative together with MOD - Mer organdonation.


Carbon Conscious

Beyond Retro has a minus carbon footprint. Through recycling and upcycling from second-hand materials, every year they save 608 tonnes CO2e from entering the atmosphere. They also streamline every part of their business, from packaging to shipping, to minimise the negative impact on the environment.


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