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Tara Button - Founder

Tara Button - Founder

We find the longest lasting and most sustainable products on the planet. Not many people realise that one of the best things you can do for the envionment is to buy things that last, but you can make huge saving on both your carbon footprint and your wallet by investing in quality items rather than rebuying stuff every couple of years. Our mission is to change the way the world shops and throw away our throwaway culture



The mission of BuyMeOnce is to get the world to throw away our throwaway culture. We go out of our way to find great alternatives to disposable items meaning it's a great place for anyone interested in a zero waste lifestyle!

BuyMeOnce is contributing to a circular economy by encouraging us all to live a life less throw-away. Sick of badly made products that are built to break through planned obsolescence, we try to find the longest-lasting version of everything. We also stock brands that reuse and up-cycle goods, giving them a new life and diverting waste from land-fill.

BuyMeOnce seek out products that are the longest lasting on the planet and promise to find the "best in show" for durability in each product category. All of our research is independent and they're constantly trying to get brands to do better. We’re even campaigning for a law forcing manufacturers to indicate product lifespan before purchase, with the ultimate goal of forcing a change within our throwaway culture.

BuyMeOnce is as passionate about reducing waste and we are about reducing chemicals and protecting the soil. You'll find organic clothing, toys and beauty products for sale on the site.

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