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Caravan, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA
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Miles Kirby, Founder

Miles Kirby, Founder

Our company culture and employee happiness is key to our development and success. We champion fairness, equality, diversity, respect for each other, creativity and learning, family values and a sense of belonging. We are a family.



All aspects of what we do are hugely important; the food and drinks, the cool warm atmosphere, roasting the perfect coffee and delivering it all with casual excellence. 

Our food concept is "well-travelled", which means that whilst the food we use is local and seasonal, we take influence from our travels and combine international flavours to create dishes with bold, interesting flavours. 

Our menus are designed with an emphasis on small plates designed for sharing. This dining concept lets the guests choose from a great variety of small plates enabling them to maximise their dining experience by trying a number of dishes rather than the traditional starter/main concept. 

Coffee roasting and careful sourcing is a huge part of our story. We roast small batches of beans daily on our Probat roasters using beans sourced from around the world. We source green coffee from single farms and estates in the speciality coffee market where the focus is quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers.

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