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Petersham Nurseries, Floral Court, London, WC2E 8JD

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 Lara Boglione,  Managing Director

Lara Boglione,
Managing Director

Petersham Nurseries is a family-owned and family-run business. We have created a place of calm where you can reconnect with nature, restoring a sense of balance and space. By celebrating aspects of the home, garden and food, we offer a destination that encourages you to step back and embrace a lifestyle of positive living.


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Petersham Nurseries source organic poultry, livestock, eggs, vegetables and fruit, Haye Farm in Devon. They grow their own organic cut flowers in their onsite cutting garden in Richmond to use within their restaurants and teahouse.

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Supporting Communities

Since opening in 2004 Petersham Nurseries has been supporting an extensive variety of charities and initiatives, both locally and abroad, including the Gaia Foundation, Cook For Syria, The Vineyard Community Centre, Refettorio Felix and St Cuthbert’s, and The Resurgence Trust.

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Eco Packaging

At the Petersham Delicatessen in Richmond packaging is 100% biodegradable. From compostable takeaway boxes made from recycled material with a compostable plant-based PLA window, to napkins made of recycled paper.

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Nearly 100% of all waste is recycled at Petersham Nurseries. Categorised by: food waste, coffee waste, organic waste, glass, paper, industrial cardboard and mixed recycling (card, metal, tins, plastic). Amazing stuff!


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