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WORKSHOP: Omnibus Business Centre, North Road, London N7 9DP

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Sven Segal - Founder

Sven Segal - Founder

Our name is central to the way we go about our business. ‘Po-Zu’ stems from the Japanese ポーズ, meaning to pause, and it is our mission to provide your feet with unique respite from the frantic pace of busy lives, and to halt the dama ge that modern footwear manufacturing often causes to people and planet. 



Looking for vegan shoes? Then look no further. Po-zu uses amazing technology that includes Pintex (pineapple leaf fibres), cotton, cork, coir, natural latex and rubber, to create our vegan collection. Po-zu have a great selection of shoes made from organic cotton. We use GOTS certified cotton grown in Turkey to make the cotton canvas.

The majority of Po-zu shoes are designed for disassembly and are glue-less (we use natural latex as a temporary bond before stitching the components together). Some of the shoes contain water-based glues, but no solvents!

Po-zu shoes are made in carefully sourced factories, that recycle nearly all of our waste products, including fabric off-cuts and water.

Po-zu pledge 10% of their net profit to charity. We divide this donation equally between the three environmental charities they support - The Resurgence Trust, Pesticide Action Network and Environmental Justice Foundation.

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