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83 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HW
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 Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Founder

Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Founder

I believe each of us can be an agent of change. The soul and beauty of our fragrances owe their legacy to the natural, floral materials and the women who harvest them. They deserve to share in the value of the supply chain and truly flourish. Buying from Sana Jardin helps empower the female flower harvesters who hand pick the floral ingredients in these perfumes. A true flower revolution!


Sana Jardin is the world's first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house. Blazing a revolutionary trail in scent, spirit and humanity. A first in the fragrance world, we were created primarily as a vehicle for social change to power social impact through the economic empowerment of women through The Beyond Sustainability™ Movement. Starting with female flower harvesters in Morocco, who hand pick floral ingredients for Sana Jardin's perfumes. 

We believe in the power of perfume and essential oils to awaken, recharge, and transcend. We also believe that a bottle of perfume can transform lives and change the way business is done, by sharing the value in the supply chain with those involved The Beyond Sustainability™ Movement. A true flower revolution.

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