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Leona Mani, Founder

Leona Mani, Founder

Be conscious. Think Fair. Shop for a reason.



The Good Place is a new kind of luxury shopping experience. A modern platform showcasing luxury products and the stories behind them, but with a difference. The products 'do good' – for people and the planet.

Built for the Conscious Consumer The Good Place team curate only the most beautiful and ethical brands from around the world, ranging from fashion and accessories to homeware and gifts, that contribute to the greater good of our environment and mankind. Our passion is sharing the stories behind these wonderfully unique products. Online and in our 'shoppable' London gallery showroom, we tell the stories behind all the fashion, style, beauty and healthy living products we offer – and this experience evolves every two months as we explore new themes. Think of us as your responsible, ethically-sourced beautiful products magazine – brought to life online, in-store and through exclusive events.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. The Good Place represents good style, beauty and healthy living, but it's what's behind each of our products that really drives us and our customers. We source brands and products that prioritise a 'force for good'. Every single stunning new product has been stringently selected and approved by The Good Place specialists to ensure that the quality and story behind it are peerless. And that's when the fun part starts as we share those stories with you. Whether it be fair trade, tackling poverty, using sustainable materials, reducing carbon emissions or keeping great British craft thriving, we delight in inspiring our customers with our responsible, ethically sourced, beautiful products and the stories behind them.

Like everything we offer, we have a story of our own to tell. The Good Place was recently founded by Leona Mani. Leona was inspired to showcase the most beautiful and ethical brands from around the world after working in the textile industry in Hong Kong and India, becoming involved with event management for the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, and founding, an essential directory for hundreds of fair trade brands. From Leona's experience, her passion for promoting transparency in the supply chain and championing businesses that empower women, which in turn leads to education, The Good Place was born.

Leona sits on the Sustainability Advisory Panel of Green Rewards, is one of the founders of Ethical Just Got Fabulous and has created her own range of fair trade accessories. The Good Place brings all of Leona's passions together in a unique storytelling environment for everyone to share.

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