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 Rachel Hugh, Co-founder

Rachel Hugh, Co-founder

We uniquely positioned ourselves to open a 100% vegan burger restaurant that revolutionised fast food through the power of plants. Not only that we wanted to create a business that raised its values to the highest point. We understood that many people perceive a fast food restaurant to be cheap and very wasteful. We wanted to change that perception by only using 100% compostable packaging, uses natural produce that is sourced locally where possible and creates a business that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.


Here are some of the badges The Vurger Co. want to be recognised for when the CoGo app launches! 



The Vurger Co. ensure that everything on their menu is always 100% plant based- ethically sourced and produced. They use vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes from local suppliers in all of their patties.

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At The Vurger Co. every bit of waste that can be recycled is. From cardboard boxes to plastic and glass - you can be assured it all ends up having a second life!

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Encouraging Reusables

The Vurger Co. reduce their waste footprint by allowing their customers to bring their own cups and containers. If you don’t already have your own, you can buy a Frank & Green reusable cup in their store!

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All of The Vurger Co. packaging is made from plants, meaning that all items are 100% compostable and vegan. Sourced from a company that takes pride in creating innovative and sustainable packaging.


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