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Thomasina Miers - Founder

Thomasina Miers - Founder

From the day we first opened in Covent Garden, we challenged ourselves to minimise the environmental impact our business caused. We’ve since learned how to build sustainability into every element of our restaurants. Sometimes ingredients cost us a little more, our building work is a bit more expensive, and training our sustainable practices may take a bit longer, but we think it’s worth it and hopefully, you can tuck in, happy in the knowledge that your meal at Wahaca won’t cost the earth.



The menu at Wahaca is full of amazing vegetarian delights (and lots of vegan options too!) from snacks right through to desserts, you’ll be enjoying your low carbon animal-friendly food here.

We’ve worked with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for 10 years now and received a lifetime achievement award from them at the end of last year. We never put octopus or tuna on the menu, as they don’t come from sustainable sources.

In January 2018, we went to war on plastic straws and stopped serving single-use straws in all but essential drinks (unless a customer asks for one). The only straws you’ll find in store now are 100% biodegradable!

We believe in supporting British farmers and have committed to buying all of our meat from within the United Kingdom. There are lots of other local ingredients on the menu too!

Since opening, Wahaca has been a climate leader in the industry, and became the first restaurant group in the UK to be certified as Carbon Neutral. We are continually looking at ways to further reduce our emissions.

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