Wear The Walk


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Kreativ House, East London, 280 Mare Street, Hackney E8 1HE

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Zoe Partridge, Founder

Zoe Partridge, Founder

My mission is for everyone in the western world to own a capsule wardrobe, and rent the rest.


Wear the Walk's inception was born out of a growing frustration with the fashion industry. Not only do I find luxury fashion extremely archaic in its adoption of new ideas and sustainable initiatives, but also its inaccessibility. These days the next generation of consumers is forced to seek Fast Fashion alternatives. Which is obviously highly unsustainable. Which is why we want to change this. 

I wanted to create a platform which not only granted access to innovative, high quality, sustainable brands but equally provided a more sustainable way to consume them. Improving our sustainable practices is key, and we are constantly looking for more ways to fulfil these values - from packaging to greater checks and accountability from our designers. 

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