NZ supermarket is making an impact

Arguably Wellington’s most picturesquely located supermarket (just a hop, skip and a jump from the harbour), New World Thorndon is a relatively recent addition to the CoGo NZ family. But they’re making up for lost time! Committed to ongoing sustainable practice change, they use CoGo consumer data to inform their decisions, while taking the opportunity to build even stronger relationships with their conscious customers. A retailer with a purpose, they're an awesome example of how CoGo is helping to connect businesses and consumers for good.

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Why CoGo?

Already doing good work across their business operations (driven both by their involvement with the wider New World family, and their own personal belief in sustainability), Store Manager Ashley Drake and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Catherine Drake wanted to answer two key questions: ‘What sustainable issue should we tackle next?’, and ‘How can we better tap into the growing market segment of conscious consumers?’

Working together to change business

To help Ashley and Catherine find an answer, we supported them to become an accredited business on our platform. They not only had to prove the good work they were already doing (and quantify the impact of this), but put together a pledge of what they would achieve within the next 12 months. With our Impact team on hand to guide them where needed, this process resulted in some clear and compelling sustainable impact statements Ashley and Catherine could use to communicate their current efforts to customers.

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"Each year, we divert 321,828kg of recyclables from landfill."

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Encouraging Reusables
"Each year, we avoid 37,600 items of disposable packaging going to landfill."

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"We offer 18 vegan products for sale."

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"We offer 45 products for sale that have been farmed or produced from crops grown organically." 

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Cruelty Free
"We offer 76 products for sale that are not tested on animals or treated animals inhumanly."

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Fair Trade
"We offer 50 products for sale that support the livelihoods of workers in developing countries."

Listening to what customers care about

Signing up with CoGo gave New World Thorndon immediate access to trends about the social and environmental values of almost 20,000 consumers across New Zealand. More importantly, they could start collecting analytics about the values of CoGo consumers who were specifically shopping in their store.

Both data-sets are updated in real-time, with trends supplied in weekly reports. Together, these reports give Ashley and Catherine the crucial ethical customer insights they needed to make better informed decisions.

Access to this data has led New World Thorndon to act! Informed by what their customers value, they've committed to more sustainable initiatives, earning a new badge in one area (Composting) and improving their practice in another (Supporting Communities).

We started investigating how we could better reduce our food waste after joining up to CC and Kaibosh was suggested… We liked that they are a ‘one stop shop’ for so many different charities. After meeting with Kaibosh, we agreed it was a great solution to reducing our un-saleable food waste, while enabling us to make a positive contribution to our community.
— Catherine Drake, CSO, New World Thorndon
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"We’re now diverting 115,200kg of organic waste each year from landfill"

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Supporting Communities

Every year, we give NZ$40,000 to help our communities and environment, and now reduce our food waste too by working with Kaibosh!


Building trust with a critical audience

Like any large retailer, supermarkets can sometimes feel like they’re facing an uphill battle with consumers to convince them of their desire to do good. New World Thorndon are using CoGo to share their commitment to social and environmental change and connect with new customers within their local community.

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As an accredited business, they are able to create an enhanced profile on our consumer app, highlighting the impact each of their sustainable actions is having on global issues. We even helped them take some great photos to use to show their customers how they’re making an impact.

Through our other channels (including email lists and social media), New World Thorndon have been able to spread their message to an even greater audience. In all, we connect with over 70,000 conscious consumers in New Zealand. We encourage businesses like New World Thorndon to continue to take action in new ways and share the good news across this conscious audience when they do.

Now accredited with 14 product badges and 4 operational badges, New World Thorndon have been able to build a more transparent and trusted relationship with consumers, while making better informed sustainability decisions as a business. We can’t wait to share what they do next!


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