CoGo for Business

Be the change you know your customers want to see.

Why should you care about adopting sustainable and ethical business practices? Because you can’t afford not to. Knowing what your customers care about, and how that informs their spending, is priceless.

A 2017 international study revealed that 1/3 of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. That number is growing. Join CoGo to:

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Prioritise your efforts

Conscious consumption is on the rise, and you don't want to be left behind. There are local and global issues you want to help solve, but how can you decide what to tackle first? CoGo's world-first technology lets you lift the lid on the core values that truly drive your customers’ conscious purchasing decisions, so you can in turn make better informed decisions about your own sustainability initiatives.

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Avoid Greenwashing

Good business practices can be wrongly identified as marketing spin, making it hard to tell the world about the positive impact you're having. As an accredited business, CoGo gives you a platform to share your current sustainable and ethical business practices, and your plans for the future, with a conscious audience.

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Measure ROI

It's hard to measure how the good stuff you’re doing, or thinking of doing, impacts actual customer spend. Until now, that is. Track your conscious customers in-store spending and see the value of your sustainable business practice changes.

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Make a positive impact

You aspire to run a business that is good for people and the planet. Now you can see the difference you're really making, and the contribution your sustainable business practices are having on the wider positive impact of the CoGo community. More importantly, so can your current and future customers.


The impact is real.

Knowing what your customers want is important if you want to stay in business. The process of moving to free range all came down to just making a decision. But if it didn’t make dollars, it wouldn’t make sense. We actually see numbers now where we can say ‘hey this is what these tracked like prior to having free range chicken and pork...and now you can see the numbers have actually increased.”
— Conor, Mexicali Fresh Co-Founder (NZ)

Together, we're already making a difference!

Each year, CoGo businesses are donating £148,578.32 to support their local communities."

The CoGo effect: £25,446 of that is due to businesses making informed decisions using CoGo consumer data.

We love impactful numbers, but would never just pull them out of thin air. People trust us and we mean to keep it that way, so we hold ourselves and our businesses to a level of accountability. It's why we created our impact framework, the structure behind our ability to support and measure business change.  


Simple, fixed, transparent pricing.

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You won't be the first. Don't be the last.