Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to understand a little more about how CoGo works? We’ve assembled answers to some commonly asked questions below.


1. How does CoGo make businesses change their practice?

CoGo works on the concept of ‘power in numbers’ - we don’t make a business do anything, but our data is persuasive. Businesses can’t afford to be complacent about sustainability any more - we show them the size and makeup of a community who want to see change, and what specific practices they should invest in to best reflect the values of you, their customer.

2. How do you calculate impact?

We have an independent accreditation system (managed by our in-house Impact team) and use this to award badges to businesses who have proven their adoption of sustainable and/or ethical practices that align with the UN SDGs. This accreditation system is referred to as our Impact Framework - you can read more about it here.

Part of the information we gather during accreditation is specific data that allows us to quantify the specific impact of a business’ sustainable practice (for example, if a business is applying for a recycling badge, we ask for evidence of the amount (kg) of recycling they’re processing each year). Where applicable, this information is gathered at store level, which is how we can ensure its accuracy. We collate impact data from all of our accredited businesses to calculate our collective impact. To determine the CoGo effect, we only count the impact of sustainable practices adopted by a business after joining the community.

3. What happens to my information?

Creating your user account adds your values and demographics (age, gender, postcode area) into our consumer database. We use this database to send businesses aggregated reports on what conscious consumers in their area care about, and where they would most like to see businesses taking action.

If you’re shopping at at business who is signed up to our good spend counter, your values are given even higher priority. They’re communicated in a separate aggregated report of store insights - which shows businesses the values and average spend of their conscious customers.

4. Who sees my information?

CoGo businesses can see the aggregated actions that the community want to see, but cannot drill down to you as a user.

CoGo never passes on personally identifiable information to CoGo businesses but we do work with service providers that will have limited access to your data including Fidel (who connects us with your payment card transactions) and AWS (who provide the servers that CoGo runs on). We describe the data we collect, how we manage it, and who we work with in our Privacy Notice.

5. Why do I need to link my payment card?

Linking your payment card is not required, but it does give you a louder voice at the businesses you shop at - with every transaction using a linked card, you’re telling that business the sustainable actions you want to see them taking!

Businesses see aggregated customer data on sustainable actions, spend and engagement. Seeing this store-level data and reviewing it alongside the collective data and action preferences of the wider CoGo UK community gives businesses even more incentive to act.

6. Who sees my card data?

We only store the last four digits of your card number in our system here at CoGo. The card number and expiry date is passed to Fidel who provide us with a digital token that allows our system to connect transactions with participating businesses. This token functionality is what links your card to the actions you want to see from businesses.

7. How can I confirm my registration?

After signing up, you will have received a welcome email - check the inbox of your nominated email address (don’t forget to check your junk folder if you can’t find it first time around). If you're still not sure, try to sign up again - our system will tell you whether that email has already got an account created.

8. How can I update my profile?

We will be launching a mobile app shortly which will allow you to access your account and update your details (linked cards, name, email, password, values). Your information is safe with us until then, but if you’d like to change anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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