We connect consumers and businesses for the good of people and planet.


We know that to change the world, we need to change business first. That's why we created CoGo, a platform that enables and informs sustainable business practice change by giving consumers values a voice.


Use your power. And use theirs.

You CAN influence business practices. We bring consumers and businesses together for the good of people and planet. You'd be amazed at the impact we can make together.

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Make your difference. Everyday.

Every time you use your payment card, it sends a signal to businesses that what you care about matters. We believe in the power of data, not gimmicks, to inform and create social and environmental change.

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Follow your heart. And find your tribe.

We connect you to businesses that share your values and are doing their part to create a better world. The best part? You don't need to take their word for it. We complete thorough checks on all CoGo accredited businesses to ensure their statements are valid.

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Ethical living made easy.

At last, it's easy to do and find good. Whether in your own neighbourhood or further afield, CoGo is building a community of good so that you'll never need to check your conscience at the door again.



Are you ready to change business to change the world? 

Just like those listed below, businesses all around London are getting on board and listening to what you care about.


Want to be part of the movement? Learn more about CoGo for Business.


Things are already changing

Through CoGo, businesses and consumers are working together to achieve amazing things, and we're proud of the changes we're seeing. Check out our impact page to see how the CoGo community is supporting (and adopting) sustainable business practices to do good for people and planet.