You have the power to change business for the better.

What you care about matters, and now it can make a difference. Our world-first technology transforms every pound you spend into a vote for a better future, while connecting you with businesses that share your values.

How CoGo works:

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Create your account

You tell us how you want businesses to tackle the sustainable and ethical issues you care about. We tell businesses around London the good actions you, their customers, want to see; and they use this to inform sustainable business practice changes. Finally, you have an easy way of giving your values a voice!

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Get connected

Linking your debit or credit card is optional, but it gives you the power to vote with your wallet every time you shop. With a linked card, every transaction you make tells businesses that consumers care about issues such as climate change and worker rights, encouraging them to adopt new practices in these areas.

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See the change we're making together

Together, our voice can be a powerful motivator for change - and we're already making an impact! See the good work the CoGo community is already doing, and get updates every time a business adopts a new way of tackling the issues you care about. Your voice can make a difference to how businesses operate and our innovative technology lets you see how.


Together, we're changing business to change the world!

The CoGo community is already diverting 3,363,102 items of disposable packaging from landfill every year.

The CoGo effect: 160,000+ of these items are being diverted thanks to businesses changing their practice after joining CoGo.

We love good data and want to make sure that the impacts we're sharing with you are genuine. It's why we created our impact framework, the structure behind our ability to support and measure business change.  


"But wait, what happens to my information?"


Saving the world one practice change at a time is AWESOME, but our top priority is more grounded: ensuring your details remain safe and secure. 

We don't share. Your personal details are never shared with the businesses on our platform.

You can't be identified. A business is only shown collective data of their registered consumers.

We're free for consumers. Your payment cards will never be charged.

Your card details are locked down. We link your payment card securely, through Fidel.

We take the protection of your data seriously. Have a read of our Privacy Notice for more information.


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Stay tuned, our app is on route! Check out the cool features we're building for you.