Together, we're making an impact.

Through CoGo, businesses and consumers are connecting to take action on global social and environmental issues. The positive impact that our platform is enabling is real and measurable; and we've got the numbers to prove it!

The CoGo effect: changing business to change the world

We're using good data to enable and empower businesses to adopt more sustainable practices, while giving consumers a voice in the decision-making process. Together, we’re already making a difference. Just check out some examples of the impacts that have been made by businesses adopting more sustainable practices since joining the CoGo community.

233 NEW sustainable practice changes, resulting in:


We also recognise and celebrate the sustainable practices CoGo businesses are already doing

Our priority is to use data to change businesses for the better, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value the good work businesses are already doing. Together, CoGo’s accredited businesses are making a huge impact on the issues that our community cares about. They’re prioritising people and planet in ways like:

Our collective values are changing the world. And the best part? We're just getting started!

How we're using data for good

Thanks to our impact framework, you can be confident that the numbers we use to track business and community impacts are rock-solid and credible. If you're keen to dive into the details, you can learn all about our framework here.

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After some proof?
This NZ supermarket is making an impact

New World Thorndon (Wellington, NZ) is committed to continued sustainable practice change. Their use of CoGo consumer data to inform their decisions is an awesome example of how we're helping to connect businesses and consumers for good.