Introducing our ethical engine room.

There are a lot of moving parts within CoGo that exist to make sure the feedback loop we create between consumers and businesses is both trustworthy and measurable. Take a look under the hood to see the processes we have in place to enable good decisions.

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We do our homework

As CoGo's resident fact-checkers and sustainability experts, our Impact team make sure that consumers can trust the good work being done by accredited businesses. They oversee our impact framework by monitoring accreditations, and calculating the impact that businesses are making to address global issues. They're also really good at helping businesses along on their sustainability journey - good practices often aren't as hard to start as people think.

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We value transparency

Connecting our community to create MORE positive social and environmental impacts in our world is what really gets us going. The CoGo Impact Model details our change pathway, linking the business and consumer activities we offer to the outcomes and impact we seek to create in our world. It also details the key measurements we use to quantify our impact, because we figured you might like to see that too.

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We only accredit businesses doing good

Our goal is to create a world-class accreditation system. We incorporate credible certifications, standards and NGO programme ratings into all our product badge standards (including the Fairtrade Mark, Responsible Down Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard, Marine Stewardship Council) and work in partnership with these certifiers and NGOs. We have also become an ISEAL subscriber and are working towards membership.


Curious about how we measure impact?

To learn more about our badges and our accreditation framework, download the free version of our Impact Framework below:



CoGo Accreditation

We want consumers to be able to make sustainable choices whenever they shop, and empower businesses to see the value of sustainable practices across all areas of their operation. The simplest (and best) way to achieve both outcomes is through accreditation on our platform. Accreditation gives businesses the opportunity to share the good they're already doing while continuing to pursue more sustainable practices; and the badges achieved through this process make it easy for consumers to find businesses that align with their values.