Tell businesses you want workers to get a fair deal.

I want to know that the things I buy are as social and environmentally friendly as possible. I particularly care about the living wage, because in work poverty shouldn’t exist in 2018.
— CoGoer, London

CoGo helps you support workers

We find and accredit good businesses and then we help you find them, allowing you to shop with a clear conscience. Five of our 24 accreditation badges relate to workers rights. If a business can evidence their good practice, we’ll award them a badge and list them on our app (coming soon!).

As we complete thorough checks on all CoGo accredited businesses you can be confident that all of the businesses who appear with a badge are doing what they say they are.



Be part of a growing movement of people who want to see workers get a better deal.

When you shop with a card linked to CoGo, your spending influences businesses who still have some improving to do.


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Encourage businesses to give their workers a fair deal.

Many businesses want to make a conscious effort to become more ethical and sustainable, but don’t know where to start.

Our database of consumer values is an influential tool for change.

Seeing what issues their customers and potential customers care about, helps businesses to take action in a meaningful way.  

When a business adopts a new practice or gains a new badge because of the CoGo community’s collective influence, we’ll tell you about the good you’ve helped create.

You’d be amazed at the impact we can have together.

Find businesses who do good by their staff.

When you’re looking for an ethical spot to shop or eat, you can hop onto our app and find businesses nearby that are already respecting workers rights.

You can trust that they’re doing good as our badges are only awarded to businesses that meet our respected accreditation criteria.

We’re working with both Fair Trade foundation & Living Wage Foundation in this area.

This means that you can find and support businesses that are already doing good.